How does DermaPen™ Micro-Needling work?

The DermaPen™ is an up to date and newer version of micro needling with clinically proven results! It is also clinically proven that you get better results than other cheaper alternatives such as the dermaroller. It uses a disposable needle tip to create a controlled trauma to the skin which promotes healing and natural collagen reproduction.  But don’t worry – it’s not painful. Superficial treatment levels are tolerable a numbing cream can be applied for more senstitive clients. 

The skin will begin the healing process immediately after and the collagen production will continue working for another 12-18 months therefore your skin will continue to improve throughout this time.


How deep does the DermaPen™ go?

The level of penetration really depends on the results you’re looking for. Light penetration with the DermaPen opens the skin long enough for specific treatment serums to effectively absorb. If you’re hoping to reverse the signs of sun damage and light scarring, mid penetration can have a positive impact on skin texture and tone.  To heal acne scars and stretch marks, the DermaPen™ must penetrate at a deeper level.

Benefits of DermaPen™ Micro-Needling

The benefits of DermaPen™ Micro-Needling go far beyond healing old acne scars. Additional benefits of treatment include:

·         Reduced superficial wrinkles on the face and lips

·         Improvement in overall skin tone and texture

·         Minimized appearance of skin pores

·         Improves and reduces pigmentation

·         Increased product absorption

·         Improved skin texture on the neck

·         Textural improvements to the chest

·         Reduced appearance of stretch marks

·         Improves and reduces acne and trauma scarring

DermaPen™ Micro-Needling is most commonly used for facial treatments, but it can successfully be used on any area of the body.

For more information please call one of our specialists today!

Please note we advise that you come in for a complimentary skin consultation prior to treatment to find out if this is suitable for your needs and expectations a course is also advised for best results.

Single session £125

3 sessions £350

6 sessions £600







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