LED Light Therapy


Light therapy works by using the skins ability to soak up light, which is then used as energy to revitalise the skins cells. The powerful wave lengths of light have the ability to penetrate the epidermis at varying depths to stimulate a healing response and treat a wide range of conditions. There are 4 different lights red, blue, green and yellow which all vary in depth and conditions that they treat.

 LED Light therapy can be added to any facial and enhances the results of Dermapen treatments.

  • Red Light- Can penetrate between 1-6mm into the skin. The skin will immediately glow and feel plump and fresh and stimulates blood circulation to the face and neck area. Also helps with skin cell regeneration. Relaxes acne scars, psoriasis and eczema, speeds up healing and reduces redness in the skin.

  • Blue Light- Can penetrate 1mm into the skin. The skin will feel refreshed and clear and will target bacteria within the skin and deep in the pores, this also helps suppress sebaceous glands which prevents excess sebum production. Another benefit is reducing inflammation associated with acneic skin and prevents wound infection.

  • Green Light- Can penetrate 0.5-2mm into the skin. It has a relaxation effect which will also calm and balance the skin. Reducing redness in the face and neck as well as having an anti-inflammatory effect. Other benefits include mind and body rest, perfect to combine with other lights to create the perfect rejuvenating treatment.

  • Yellow Light- Can penetrate 1-2mm into the skin. The perfect prep light! Great for stimulating movement within the top layers of the skin for better absorption of other lights for more effective results, this light will also effectively treat pigmentation and roseacea and will provide you with a post treatment glow!


Your practitioner will advise you on the best light for your skin, the treatment is not limited to one particular light, you can have a combination of as many as you like! With our technology it also enables us to treat the scalp and body! You can call 01702 482481 or email us cozensbeauty@gmail.com for more information.

Please note we advise you have a complimentary skin consultation prior to treatment to ensure that the treatment is suitable for you and will meet your expectations a course of treatment is required for best results.


15 Minutes £20

30 Minutes £30

Course of 6 + 1 FREE

Course of 12 + 2 FREE


Add on to any treatment :

£15 15 minutes

£30 30 minutes







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