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Does your current skincare actually improve your skin?

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

If the answer is no then it should be time to ask yourself why. There are thousands of skincare ranges and brands on the market claiming their products are anti ageing, brightening, hydrating etc but a lot of the time it is the ingredients that are “said to” do what they say, but when mixed with other ingredients simply just sit on your skin without penetrating deep enough to have an impact. In the beauty industry it is always difficult as in sales people will always tell you what you want to hear that “this cream will really help with your anti ageing and fine lines” but how? Products are mainly used to enhance treatments and maintain results not necessarily solve the problem. Cosmeceutical brands spend fortunes on gaining clinical trials so the products “do what they say on the tin” if used correctly. Cosmeceuticals are not found on the high street as they have a lot higher percentage of ingredients and need to be explained how to use properly. What is a cosmeceutical? It is a brand formulated by professionals, plastic surgeons or dermatologists, they are cosmetic products with medical effectiveness or easier explained in between a cosmetic (high street product) and a pharmaceutical product (given by doctors or pharmacies) Therefore these are a lot more potent than something you can buy which is easily accessible. Where can you find these products? They can be found in advanced skincare clinics, dermatologists and by knowledgeable people within the industry. Please be careful if purchasing online! Unless being sold by a certified retailer not naming and shaming however on some popular selling websites these products are being sold BUT mainly are not the real deal, lab test results have found some interesting finds within these products and other ingredients we wouldnt particularly want to put on our skin therefore can be very harmful on your skin. We use Image Skincare (a cosmeceutical brand of course) which I have been working with for the past 3 years, the products are amazing! Yes very easy for me to say however I would not bring in something that I didn’t believe in or have prior knowledge of the amazing results. Plus you don’t know until you try! We do offer free skin consultations so if you are looking to find out more information please feel free to give us a call or simply book in online via the website and one of our qualified therapists will be ore than happy to help you improve your skin!

Written By Lauren Hayes-Charters


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